Waiting for London

Lurking over London, 2017

Aloft in London, November 2017

I’m heading down to London next week to visit some friends for St Patrick’s Day, so to help quell my excitement, I’m posting a throwback image from my last trip to the capital in November 2017. I love big cities, and I’ve loved visiting London for years, mostly because it gives me an excuse to catch up with old friends and play hipster in achingly cool surroundings. This image is a prime example of indulging in these activities, having being taken on my first ever trip to the Tate Modern.

I love London, although visiting the city sometimes brings up difficult emotions. I desperately wanted to postdoc there when I finished up grad school, but after being rejected from several universities despite my best efforts, I realised it wasn’t meant to be and began to look further afield (eventually ending up in Scotland). I avoided the city for a while because when I visited I would feel like a failure and become pensive at the thought of what might have been. However, on this latest trip, I realised that these feelings had dulled, as if I had finally forgiven myself for failing to get my dream position. This is another reason for posting this image, as the sunset over the skyline represents closure and acceptance of how things turned out.

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