Beast from the East Megapost

I was initially hesitant to do a “Beast from the East” post due to the incessant coverage of the storm in the press and on social media. Another reason for my reluctance is that I hate cold, snowy and icy weather, to the extent that I frequently question the soundness of my decision to live so far north. However, I’m lucky enough to live near two parks, and when I saw how they looked in the fresh snow I couldn’t resist taking some shots. Now that the storm has passed, I want to share a glimpse of the scattered tranquility that punctuated the extreme blizzards.¬†

A “Beastly” Walk Home, February 2018

The images above were taken whilst walking home past Westburn Park, on the second night of the storm. Most of Westburn is quite flat, so it seemed like a good vantage point to capture the lull and stillness in between the flurries.¬†Unfortunately I didn’t have my tripod to hand, so I made do with massively underexposing the shots (not my finest moment!).

Victoria Park in Snow, March 2018

Victoria is the second, and more picturesque park in my area. The landscape in Victoria is more varied than Westburn and seemed more dramatic in the wake of the snowfall. I visited Victoria several times over the course of the storm, feeling quite amazed at how deep the snow was. 

Due to a combination of laziness, aversion to the cold temperatures, and poor weather, I was unable to get shots in any other parts of the city. However, given that it often snows here in April, there may soon be an opportunity to document other parts of the city as they turn white.

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