St Andrews Road Trip

Road Trip to St Andrews, February 2017

Sometimes on rainy days, I go back through old albums, and come across snaps and memories that I’d almost forgotten about, an activity that I’m sure many of you find solace in too. While stuck at home due to illness over the weekend, I came across some photos from a road trip to St Andrews from last year. My sister visited last winter, and having exhausted the sights in Aberdeen, we headed down the coast to see the famed university town.

We were both charmed by the buildings and the atmosphere in St Andrews, joking that the place almost made us want to go back to studying at university (luckily we escaped before we were fully sucked back in!). Being tourists, we also went to see the famous ruins of the castle and cathedral. We visited the castle in the early morning, while the sun was shining and the light was soft. However, by the time we arrived at the cathedral, the skies had clouded over, leading me to play around with exposure while we explored the ruins. We left on the bus to Dundee as the heavens opened, both happy that we could tick another part of Scotland off our to-see lists.

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