Birthday Trip to the Ochil Hills

Back at the start of February – it’s taken me a little longer than expected to go through the photos – my friend group in Aberdeen arranged a mystery trip for my birthday, using it as an excuse for us all to have a weekend away and bond. The organisers did a very good job of keeping the destination (as well as the arrival of friends from Ireland!) a surprise until the last minute, and we ended up in a gorgeous old house in Tillycoultry in Clackmannanshire, surrounded by some stunning countryside. 

Westbourne House

Westbourne House, February 2018

Whilst exploring the local scenery, we walked the Mill Glen route, a pretty path that took us up alongside a waterfall into the Ochil Hills. Parts of the walk were rather steep, leading many of us to shed our outdoor coats, but luckily there was a rather quirky water fountain about halfway up to keep us hydrated.

Mill Glen Fountain

Drinking from a waterfall, February 2018

At the top of the hill, we basked in the sunlight and took in the view of Clackmannanshire and the river Forth in the distance, finding it hard to believe our luck with the weather. Behind us, Ben Cleuch and the Ochil Hills loomed with alternating green and snowy caps. 


View to Ben Cleuch, February 2018

View from the top

View from the Ochils, February 2018

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