Ode to the Shakey Bridge

View of the Shakey Bridge

Down by the Shakey Bridge, March 2013

As St Patrick’s Day was last Saturday, and in anticipation of my upcoming trip home in a few weeks, I’m going to use my next few posts to share some images of Ireland. 

This photo was taken on the south bank of the Lee in Cork city and features a Cork institution – the Shakey Bridge, which connects the Mardyke and UCC campus areas to Sunday’s Well on the city’s north side. A common local pastime is to jump up and down on the bridge, causing it to shudder violently and producing the effect from which the bridge derives its name (none of the locals bother using the proper name of Daly’s Bridge). Many Corkonians will have childhood memories of being dared to bounce up and down on the Shakey Bridge, followed by the feeling that the whole thing might collapse as it oscillated. Not being content with simply bouncing, some thrill-seekers take it a step further and actually jump off the bridge into the Lee.

As a child, I hated the sensation of the bridge so much that I refused to cross it, much to the amusement of my parents. Despite this, I love this area of the city, having spent parts of my childhood and college years hanging out by the river and in the neighbouring Fitzgerald’s Park. 

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