Back – with a new camera!

Bee, Aberdeen, June 2019

Long time no post. I haven’t updated since 2018 due to a mixture of fun stuff (travel, running, writing), not-so-fun stuff (bereavement, overtime, illness) and, honestly, a lack of motivation/energy as a result of both. This was compounded in April when, after almost ten years, my Lumix G gave up the ghost during a trip to Belfast, breaking my heart a little bit.

I’ve since upgraded to an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II, which is more entry level than I would have liked, but has the dual benefits of 1) being compatible with my Panasonic lenses and 2) not hollowing out my bank account. Despite my initial misgivings, I’ve been having a lot of fun with the E-M10 this summer, and it’s inspired me to start these posts back up.

Today’s post is from my first evening ever with the new camera, an evening walk in Victoria Park. As I walked through the rhododendron patch, I was heartened to see and hear bees everywhere, buzzing deliriously through the flowers, and thought it was the perfect exercise to get to grips with my new kit. I’ve just submitted this photo to be considered for NEB’s 2020 calendar – fingers crossed it gets accepted!

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